Regarding our Catering Service

Can I order my own costomize menu?

Yes you can order for you own menu on special request,but it should meet our minimum Catering budget.

Can I change the dishes in the menu to other dishes that we prefer?

Yes you can change dishes as per your preference .Appropiate charge  apply for this. How can I order my catering menu for my event? You can order online through www.casuarinacurry.com.  Under catring menu ,You can book your menu by filling out all particular in the online form and then click ‘submit’.

How do I know order is confirmed?

After you submit your order online ,You will receive an email confirmation that we have Received your order.You will reviue your order and send you email to confirm it or if there are any changes.In addation, we also give you a call once for confirmation.

How many days before I should book my order?

At least five days in advance of your event date.

How should I do my payment?

You can pay by cash or cheque on the day of delivery. For cheque payment,you can favor to Casuarina Curry Restaurant Pte Ltd”

Do you need any deposite for the event?

It’s not necessary for order below 300 pmx.If above 300 px you are require to do an advance  payment of minimum 50% of the bill.

Is there any mode of payment?

Yes you can also make payment by E-invoice & CBIZ

Regarding our prata on the Spot Menu

How many hours will the prata chief will be there prata on the Spot Menu?

The package is only for 3 hours so the chief and butter will be cleared after 3 hours from the time that the event starts.

How many chief will there be at  the station?

 There will be one chief for up to 100 px, chief will be allocated according to the number of px.

Can I request for additional chief if my event has less than 100px?

Yes there will be a charge of $70 for additional chief with live station.

Do I need to provide anything on my side with regards to the cooking of the pratas?

Normally we use gas cylinder with hot plate for cooking pratas. For this you do not need to provide anything, except an empty space with lighting.

In case where gas cyclinder are not allwed inside the premise ,we will need you to pro- Vide us with a power supply of minimum 440watt/ 15MP with two plug points.

Where can we have our prata on the Spot staion?

You can have prata station in a ventilated area,like a garden are,near a swimming pool ,porch area of car park ,inside the house near an open window .Even in office prem- ises as long as it has a high celing.

Will the live station area be very smoky?

No the live station area will only have a moderate amount of smoke.

How much space is required to have for prata on the Spot menu for minimum Pax pf 30?

You should have at least 14 feet length and 4 feet breath area for the live station & buffet You can also can split the live station & buffet in different places.

How many pieces of pratas will each pax get?

Each guest can have a maximum of 3 pieces of pratas for the package


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